How ISO certification can improve productivity in your business.

Guess Blog written by Russell Corlett from Peninsula. Certification with an ISO management system. What does that mean? ISO stands for the International Organisation for Standardization. And their aim is to—in all things—answer one simple question: what’s the best way of doing this? ISO certification means something different for every single business in terms of the […]

6 Advantages Small Businesses Receive When Implementing a Quality Management System: ISO 9001

Are you a small business thinking about ISO Certification? The International Standard for Quality Management, ISO 9001 brings many advantages to Small Businesses including better profit margins, an increase in customer satisfaction and more!   Improve Efficiency Implementing a Quality Management System will mean that all staff will be aware and understand your organisation processes, […]

Some Alternatives to ISO Certification

ISO Certification is recognised across the world to represent the best practice in a variety of management disciplines. However, for many smaller organisations the formality, complexity and costs of achieving ISO Certification can be off-putting, which is a terrible shame as all organisations can benefit from ISO Management Systems. We have solutions to help small […]

Starting a Small Business: The Things They Don’t Tell You.

The UK has a relatively supportive culture for small business starting up, but despite a lot of encouragement and information, there are plenty of things that aren’t clear or they just don’t tell you about! If you run a small business, check you have these things covered:   Registering Your Business: Names & Legal Structures […]

A new scheme to help boost the manufacturing market

If you have ever looked at ways to boost your manufacturing business, you may remember a scheme called MAS Grants. The scheme was run by the Manufacturing Advisory Service a few years ago, and provided grants for SME’s to help them achieve improvements to their business such as ISO Certification. That scheme helped many SME’s, […]